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اBased on its social responsibility in addition to its religious and national traditions the Alrajhi Endowment recently launched its awareness program to protect the community members against drugs, by raising the awareness of youth in particular and the society in general of their negative impact and eventual crimes lying ahead along with the ethical, social and economic consequences through awareness, education and counseling. The Alrajhi Endowment seeks to do so in order to achieve the following objectives:
Supporting various official achievements undertaken ​​by state agencies for protecting the Saudi society against drugs of all kinds and forms.
Active participation in the awareness and education programs about the drugs blight and holding valuable preventive programs for the community.
Creating new methods about antidrug and raising awareness about its threats.
Participating in raising the awareness and educating male and female youths and families about the threats of drugs and methods of prevention.
Offering diverse programs that benefit the community.


The Alrajhi Endowment implemented this program through the following means :
Backing the various plans designed by the department of education and guidance in the antinarcotics office to raise the awareness of the community members about drug and its threats.
Supporting cultural competitions about the threats of drug addiction and allocating appropriate awards.
 Supporting specialized studies and research on antinarcotics and raising the awareness of the members of society about the threats of drugs.
Organizing awareness exhibitions at schools, universities, conferences and scholarly general and specialized meetings.
The annual cost of this program so far reached an amount of SR 1,000,000 (one million Saudi Riyal), and is expected to double in the coming years, God willing and more programs that address this menacing phenomenon in our society will be organized.