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Mr. Abdulsalam ibn Saleh Alrajhi
Praise be to Allah, and may peace and blessings be upon the noblest of prophets and messengers. Welcome to the portal of the Alrajhi Endowment of Saleh Abdulaziz Alrajhi, which we seek to make it a platform for easy communication with you and an access to know your interests and needs because we in the Alrajhi Endowment feel the importance of cooperation with everyone for the development of our diverse projects and programs, to embody the vision and mission of the Alrajhi Endowment and to implemen


t the will of Sheikh Saleh ibn Abdulaziz Alrajhi, May Allah have mercy on him, in the establishment of this blessed charitable edifice.
The Alrajhi Endowment is proud of their work and projects that touched the

hearts of a large number of people inside and outside the Kingdom and esteem its divers charitable and developmental work pursued for the service and dissemination of Islam, and in s

upport of Islamic institutions as well as for the development of the community and its citizens through a distinguished partnership with official institutions and charities that offer great efforts to serve the beneficiaries across the various regions of the Kingdom.  Along with the geographic outreach of the Endowment Management, its projects and programs developed qualitatively to include various fields of charitable and developmental work.

Such endeavors, thanks be to Allah, are supplemented by the establishment and construction of developmental projects, educational, medical and social, in different parts of the Kingdom following an organizational structure for work that integrates high levels of planning, control and implementation.  The visitor of the portal can access the various aspects of the projects and programs outlined here, through which we seek to shorten the time and distance when communicating with people, exchange information and facilitate the necessary procedure for the service of beneficiaries.
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome any proposals or opinions that contribute to the development and support of charitable work in our blessed country. We thank you all for your interest and your keenness for partnership with us.
We pray to Allah Almighty to accept from the person who made this waqf, our father Sheikh Saleh ibn Abdulaziz Alrajhi, May Allah have mercy on him, and to accept the good acts from you and us.
I wish you success and guidance.
Peace be upon you