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 Main Projects


Charity Works Management is an affiliate Department of Saleh Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi Endowment Management. It is the Department with a yearly budget allocation for the implementation of charity works and projects inside and outside of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in collaboration with Ministries and Government agencies, Societies and the approved charity foundations working in the same field.

Charity Works Department shall carry out the appropriate mechanism to help applicant parties, taking into consideration that aid reaches directly there who deserve it, the charitable works are restricted in the item of expenditure specified by the Endower, of which to spend on orphans, widows and poor people, and those find difficulty in payment of debts, and misfortunes, back up publication and memorization of Quran, printing of books and other charitable deeds.

Sections of charitable works and amounts allocated for each item of expenditure:

Section One: Basic Projects:
it is permanent charitable projects or programs, in kind or in cash or casual that to be implement during the year or several years, amounts to be allocated and reserved before making budget of usual items for the same year, provided that the project or program is compatible with one of charitable expenditure items.

It is meant by this action not to affect as far as possible the usual expenditure budget – that will be mentioned – in the projects. ​