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Importance of dates & palm trees in Quran:
God, The Almighty blessed dates and palm trees with many benefits, where they are the source of well-being and decoy. Quranic verses referre to the position of the palm trees among other trees. It is enough to prove the importance of dates and palm trees by the fact that they were mentioned in the Holy Quran in many verses such as "And tall Palm trees with shoots of fruit stalks piled one over another" (Surat Qaf, Verse No. 10) , “ And cornfiels and date pals with spathes near breaking” (Surat Al-Shuara’, Verse No. 148), “In them will be fruits and dates and pomegranates” (Surat Al Rahman, Verse No. 68). It is also reported in the Prophet’s Sayings, that the Prophet said "Take care of the Palm Tree as it is created from the mud, of which Adam was created. As there is no tree better than the palm under which Miriam gave birth to her son".

Importance of dates & palm trees in the Prophetic Sunna:
Dates have special position in the life of Muslims. They are used both as food and medicine. Dates are among the best foods described and recommended by Prophet Mohammad (May the peace of Allah be upon him) and shown its benefits in so many Sayings. One of the prophetic directions regarding dates are that the fasting Muslim should break his fasting by dates, in accordance to the prophet's Saying narrated by Imam Ahmed, Tirmidthi and Abu Dawood that "The Prophet Mohammad was breaking his fasting on some dates before praying, if not available, he will take some hard dates and if not available, he will drink some water."


of dates & palm trees from the scientific aspects:
Dates are considered ideal food for human beings, as they contain the main nutrients like sugars, acids, minerals, fats, proteins…etc. They also contain anti cancerous substances and sexual stimulants. When used with milk, they will increase the strength and energy of the body. Dates contain phosphorus, which is the nutrient of the reproductive chambers. These in turn, gives energy. Dates also contain Arginine, an essential amino acid which has its impact on males, where its deficiency will lead to decreased sperm production. Therefore, it has special importance for those suffering from infertility due to sperm deficiency. Thus, they are good and important food for males where it helps them to maintain sexual capacity, important hormones like Petocine hormone which plays a special role in regulating labor in females and stops bleeding during and after delivery. It also has a hypotensive effect (lowering blood pressure) when taken by pregnant women. Dates are rich in nutrients important for human beings. One Kilogram of dates gives three thousand calories i.e. the thermal energy of one man with medium activity in one day. In other words, one kilogram of dates gives the same thermal energy given by one kilogram of meat and the energy given by one kilogram of dates are equal to the energy given by three kilograms of fish.

Having only some ripe dates at breakfast has medical benefits, as the food will reach the stomach gradually till it is ready to receive other foods later on. Late Ibnul Qayim said "In the prophet's breakfast on some dates or water, there are good arrangement, as the fasting will leave the stomach empty, where the liver will find nothing to attract and send to other parts of the body. The sweet things are the most quick foods to reach the liver, preferably if it was dates as the liver accepts and prefers this sweet food." In his book "Zad Al-Ma'ad", Ibnul Qayim stated that the ripe dates strengthens the cold stomach and feeds the body. They are among the best fruits and their master. It strengthens the liver and lubricates the stomach. They are among the best fruits that feeds the human body and eating them as first thing in the morning kill worms as it contains medicinal remedies. When taken on regular basis as first thing after waking up, they will weaken the worm substance. They make food, medicine, drink and confection.

Dates contains Vitamin (A) in a big amount equal to the same amount found in fish oil or butter. Vitamin (A) is known to increases the weight of children, so physicians call it the growth factor. It also maintains the eye cooling and make it clear, therefore it combats night blindness. Dates also contain vitamins (B-1) and (B-2), both of which strengthen neurons and lubricate the blood vessels, as well as intestines and protect them from inflammation and weakness. Doctors prescribe Vitamin (B-1) for post-surgery patients and athletes, but Vitamin (B-2) is prescribed for liver diseases, nail breaking and skin chapping.

Dates are rich in minerals. Dietitians concluded that dates are rich in phosphorus. They are richer than apricots and grapes, as each 100 grams of dates, have 40 milligrams of phosphorus, while in any other fruit, the amount of phosphorus is only about 20 milligrams. Phosphorus enters in the composition of bones and dents. Dates are used for the treatment of Hypokalemia as they contains huge amounts of potassium. Furthermore, some dates are more effective than one bottle of Iron or potassium injection, as iron and potassium are found naturally in dates in readily absorbable and easily metabolized forms. Our stomach is reluctant to accept iron and potassium medicines, as it burdens the mucus membrane and cannot be completely digested. This fact is evident by the dark discoloration stool of the patient receiving iron medicines.

Dates also contains magnesium. It is noticed that those consuming good amounts of dates are not suffering from cancers. One of the important elements in dates is the Boron, which is important of the growth of live creatures as it plays an important role in vitamins that are important for rheumatoid treatment. Boron also has effect on the sexual hormones. One of studies conducted on the dates proved that it contains a Boron rate of about 63 milligrams/ 100 grams in the core and flush part of the sates. Recently, scientists decided to launch this sentence: "Search for minerals in the mines of dates " inside each date fruit.

Dates are rich in some types of sugars like glucose, fructose and sucrose with rates reaching about 70%. Therefore dates are considered as a first class fuel and sugars found in dates are quickly absorbed and easily metabolized. Their absorption des not need complex digestive and biochemical processes as in the fatty or carbohydrate materials (found in rice and bread) for example. Our stomach can digest dates and absorb their sugars within one hour or so. Benefits of sugars found in dates are not limited to providing energy, capability and activity but they are diuretics which clean both kidneys and liver. Dates contain some cellulose fibers which give them the special form and help intestines in their movements. Therefore, dates are considered natural lubricant and help prevent some diseases like hemorrhoids, constipation due to their richness in fibers. Each 100 grams of dates may give 8.5 grams of fibers. Such fibers are important in avoiding constipation. In this context, a study published by "Journal of American Dietetic" an American nutrition gazette, confirmed the benefits of dates in treatment of constipation and hemorrhoids. Dates contain some enzymes like Anfertase which causes dates to ripen. It is the most important enzyme that affects the quality of dates. Its effect lasts after pick up of the fruit and causes it to ripen. The dates fruit inters into some stages till it ripens.