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Al Batin palm tree project which lies in south east of Buraydah City was selected to be the permanent Headquarters of Agricultural Department in view of its vast area compared with the two other projects.

The three projects that are supervised by Agricultural Department are:

1- Al Batin Project:

Al Batin project is considered the largest agricultural project of dates  palms in Middle East and perhaps in the world in view of the vastness of its area which reaches 5466 hectares and it contains (200000) palm tree, and types of palm trees is approximately  45 types of the prevailing palm trees in central region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
This project lies south east of Buraydah City, in Qassim region. In this project Sheikh Saleh Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi concentrated on plantation of wheat, parley, water melon and  vegetables in addition to various types of fruitful dates  palms. In 1413H corresponding to 1993 Sheikh Saleh gave his instructions  for expansion in planting palm tree trees in order to replace it gradually in place of wheat, parley and water melon. In 1415H corresponding to 1995 about 63000 seedlings of the various types of palm trees was planted, then the plan of expansion continued  in planting afterwards until the total number reached (200000) palm tree in the project. Scientific recommendations and technical rules were considered in planting the seedlings which were planted in a regular distances (10x10 meters) as per recommendations of Ministry of Agriculture. The project is irrigated by a modern irrigation network.





The year 1426H witnessed an important event, which is the registration of AL-Batim palm tree Project in Guinness Record for General Information and Standard Achievements as the hugest palm tree project around the world.



Durma project is characterized by its strategic location and its nearness from Riyadh and its area which reaches 760 hectares, and its homogenous palm trees in size and age approximately, regular distances of planting, and because it contain the best types of palm tree such as KHULAS, and for the success of planting Tissue palm trees in it such as NABAT SAIF type and for its good fertile soil, and suitability of water of its wells, and low water table in it. All these merits made Durma project have a special distinguished rank among the projects of Agricultural Department . Sheikh Saleh Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi  had the habit of cultivating wheat and parley in this project until 1413H corresponding to 1993. Then after that he gave his instruction to replace palm trees trees  in the areas of wheat and parley. This  was implemented in three stages beginning from March 1994 until 1996 where the total number currently reached (50000) palm tree of different types, and that which is suitable with Riyadh region climate in particular. Scientific recommendations and technical rules were also considered in planting the seedlings which is planted at a regular distances (10x10 meters) according to the scientific recommendations. The whole project is irrigated with a modern irrigation network.




3- Al Hayer and Al Tawfiq Project:

In 1383H Sheikh Saleh Abdel Aziz Al Rajhi purchased Al Hayer and Al Tawfiq project which lie east of Riyadh City. Its area is 30 hectares, at that time the total number of palm tree in it was 260, 125 palm trees in Al Hayer project and 135 palm tress in Al Tawfiq project.

Sheikh Saleh Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi had the habit of expansion in planting palm trees until the total number  in the project now reached (2085) of different types of palm tree which provides Riyadh region. The palm tree project is irrigated by irrigation net